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Outdoor Revolution will showcase the most innovative running equipment and technology as well giving you the opportunity to try out the footwear and gear of your choice!


You will be able to enjoy listening to top athletes (past and present)and experienced coaches and will get the best advice to take you to the next level in your running, whether you are a beginner or a seasoned campaigner!

Cycling and biking

Outdoor Revolution will offer the chance to see the latest in cycling technology, listen to well-known cyclists give their tips and talk about their experiences, as well as offering you the chance to try out a variety of different types of bike brands!

We will showcase many of the different types of mountain bikes on the market, provide information on the numerous adrenaline zapping mountain biking trails and centres, as well as some well-known bikers share their experiences and even try out some tricks!

Rock Climbing

Outdoor Revolution aims to provide a platform for people who are interested in participating in the sport of climbing. Indoor climbing, bouldering, trad climbing, sport climbing and competition climbing will all be addressed as well as the very best in climbing gear being available through a variety of exhibitors.


The rock climbing wall will also give you the opportunity to try your hand at trying it for the first time.

Snow Sports

Outdoor Revolution aims to showcase the facilities that are available in Ireland for learning or developing your skiing or snowboarding skills! The show will also give you the opportunity to speak to experienced instructors as well as trying out the latest gear at discounted prices.

Paddle Sports

Outdoor Revolution aims to provide you with the opportunity to explore the range of paddling trips available, provide you with access to the latest paddling gear and much much more!

Adventure Sports

Outdoor Revolution aims to introduce people to the many multi-sport events in Ireland, as well as providing exhibitors with the necessary gear and giving you the opportunity to sign up to these events for discounted entry fees.


Outdoor Revolution aims to bring numerous surf schools/camps to the RDS so that people can see what’s available on our shoreline.


Outdoor Revolution aims to show people what they are missing by not swimming! There will be an endless pool for swimming technique workshops as well as for trying on wet-suits. You will be able to listen to experienced swimmers and coaches speak about training techniques, experiences etc as well as getting the opportunity to test your own swimming technique in the endless pool.


Outdoor Revolution aims to provide the platform for anyone who is interested in doing their first triathlon as well as providing something for the more seasoned and experienced participants.

Field Sports

Outdoor Revolution will offer the chance for attendees to see the benefits of joining a local sports team, the benefit to mental health, and community. Outdoor Revolution aims to showcase just how varied the team sport opportunities are in Ireland, and how attendees can being to participate.

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