Running is one of the best activities! It is one of the easiest ways of starting your own fitness revolution! All you need is a pair of runners, a little motivation, maybe a few tunes and then you are ready to get running in this beautiful country of ours! It is the second most participated activity in Ireland with 9%, of the 1.6 million people who are regularly active, going for at least one run weekly. As of the end of 2015 there were over 900 running clubs in the country as well as over 50 Park Run locations, with upwards of 70,000 participants since 2012. In 2016 there were nearly 20000 entrants to the Dublin City Marathon, making it the fourth biggest in Europe.


Outdoor Revolution will showcase the most innovative running equipment and technology as well giving you the opportunity to try out the footwear and gear of your choice! You will be able to enjoy listening to top athletes (past and present)and experienced coaches and will get the best advice to take you to the next level in your running, whether you are a beginner or a seasoned campaigner!


Cycling, it just gets under your skin! There’s nothing like taking off on your bike for a few hours, clearing your head, getting a few endorphins flowing and feeling free. Cycling is a growing sport in this country with over 5.5% of the population participating on a regular basis. Cycling Ireland or CI is the national governing body of the sport of cycling in the island of Ireland. CI is a member of the UCI and the UEC. CI has over 22,000 members as well as overseeing over 400 cycling clubs and nearly 1000 cycling events of various levels and formats annually.


Outdoor Revolution will offer the chance to see the latest in cycling technology, listen to well-known cyclists give their tips and talk about their experiences, as well as offering you the chance to try out a variety of different types of bike brands!

Field Sports

Ireland has a proud heritage of participation in various field sports. It is a credit to our ability to not only have two mass participation national sports in Football and Hurling, but we are also amongst the worlds best in Rugby and Soccer. Community involvement in team sports encourages those who may only support their local club, the opportunity to get out, get active, and attend games.


Outdoor Revolution will offer the chance for attendees to see the benefits of joining a local sports team, the benefit to mental health, and community. Outdoor Revolution aims to showcase just how varied the team sport opportunities are in Ireland, and how attendees can being to participate.

Health and Wellness

Outdoor Revolution will offer the opportunity for attendees to take part in beginners Yoga classes, listen to some of the most inspiring sports people talk about mental health, and understand the benefits of health eating.


Triathlon is a modern, exciting and endurance sport – for all abilities and ages. Individual athletes complete a swimming segment, followed by a cycling and a running segment, with the clock running from the beginning of the swim through each transition to the end of the run. The two transitions are the points in the race when competitors change from swimming to cycling, and from cycling to running. The event can also be completed by a relay team (a great way to get started!).


If you are in search of fitness and looking for a rewarding challenge, then triathlon is for you. This sport has grown hugely in the last 7-8 years with Triathlon Ireland now having over 13000 active members signing up annually. Triathlon is a great sport for people as it’s very accessible and, contrary to some public opinion, you don’t need to be super fit. It has great variety as you’re not always doing the same thing. It tends to attract social friendly types and fits in well with a variety of lifestyles.


It’s also a fantastic challenge and a great sense of achievement whether you’ve just completed your 1st or 50th race. To find out more visit for all you need to know. Outdoor Revolution aims to provide the platform for anyone who is interested in doing their first triathlon as well as providing something for the more seasoned and experienced participants.

Hill Walking

Hill Walking, and walking (other than as a means of transport) is the most participated activity in over 35 year olds in this country. 65% of the 1.6 million active people in Ireland walk recreationally on a regular basis. We live in one of the most beautiful countries in the world and this is testified by the fact that almost 9 million overseas tourists visit annually. Our countryside is dotted with hundreds and hundreds of national parks, river-walks, trails, forests, local parks etc. As of early 2017 there have been 900 marked trails in the 26 counties with many many more being developed.


Swimming has always been popular in this country with a lot of people starting it at a very young age but for numerous reasons it is not continued into adulthood as much. Ireland has some of the best and most unspoilt outdoor swimming locations in the world. Our seas, rivers and lakes are still largely unspoilt and unpolluted. Even in the height of summer you can easily find quiet and uncrowded beaches and lakes. They are a fantastic natural resource.


Every year there are hundreds of different events throughout the country whether it be a pool-based aquathon, to the Galway Bay swim, to the Liffey swim. Every type of swimming activity is there in abundance. Swim Ireland is the national governing body and represents over 16,000 members registered in 155 clubs and individual memberships across the country. Swim Ireland will be present over the weekend for anyone interesting in membership or if you just want to know more about what is out there as regards swimming activities. also provides an in-depth glossary of over 200 different outdoor swimming locations in this country.


Outdoor Revolution aims to show people what they are missing by not swimming! There will be an endless pool for swimming technique workshops as well as for trying on wet-suits. You will be able to listen to experienced swimmers and coaches speak about training techniques, experiences etc as well as getting the opportunity to test your own swimming technique in the endless pool.

Mountain Biking

Mountain biking is the sport of riding bicycles off-road, often over rough terrain, using specially designed mountain bikes. Mountain bikes share similarities with other bikes, but incorporate features designed to enhance durability and performance in rough terrain. Mountain biking can generally be broken down into multiple categories: cross country, trail riding, all mountain (also referred to as “Enduro”), downhill, freeride and dirt jumping. However, the majority of mountain biking falls into the categories of Trail and Cross Country riding styles. This individual sport requires endurance, core strength and balance, bike handling skills, and self-reliance. Advanced riders pursue both steep technical descents and high incline climbs. In the case of freeriding, downhilling, and dirt jumping, aerial manoeuvres are performed off both natural features and specially constructed jumps and ramps.


Mountain biking can be performed almost anywhere from a back yard to a gravel road, but the majority of mountain bikers ride off-road trails, whether country back roads, fire roads, or singletrack (narrow trails that wind through forests, mountains, deserts, or fields).


Outdoor Revolution aims to showcase many of the different types of mountain bikes on the market, provide information on the numerous adrenaline zapping mountain biking trails and centres, as well as some well-known bikers share their experiences and even try out some tricks!

Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing is an exciting sport which can be enjoyed by people of all ages and abilities. It is a sport with many disciplines and facets. For some it is the physical challenge which is the attraction, for others it is the mental challenge which keeps them coming back for more. Climbing is a sport which will bring you to incredible locations and get you into fantastic adventures.


It has never been easier to start climbing. Indoor climbing walls provide an ideal venue for giving the sport a try. From initial taster sessions, to instruction and coaching, indoor walls allow anyone to make their first moves in climbing in a comfortable environment.


Outdoor Revolution aims to provide a platform for people who are interested in participating in the sport of climbing. Indoor climbing, bouldering, trad climbing, sport climbing and competition climbing will all be addressed as well as the very best in climbing gear being available through a variety of exhibitors. The rock climbing wall will also give you the opportunity to try your hand at trying it for the first time.

Adventure Sports

Adventure Racing is an increasingly popular multi-sport in Ireland, with many people taking part in different events like Tough Mudder, WAAR, Quest series etc. At you can find out about the many many upcoming events spread across this beautiful country of ours.


Outdoor Revolution aims to introduce people to the many multi-sport events in Ireland, as well as providing exhibitors with the necessary gear and giving you the opportunity to sign up to these events for discounted entry fees.

Paddling Sports

Paddling sports include kayaking, canoeing, rowing and many other typres of water sports that involve an oar or paddle! The entire coast of Ireland, in particular from Cork to Donegal is an incredible paddling destination. The coastline is a maze of bays, narrow channels of slowing moving water and innumerable islands and peninsulas offering a superb venue for families or those embarking on their first paddling trip. There are brilliant wild camping opportunities all over the country along our rivers and lakes.


Outdoor Revolution aims to provide you with the opportunity to explore the range of paddling trips available, provide you with access to the latest paddling gear and much much more!

Snow Sports

Snow sports have always been popular in Ireland. As we don’t have a snow covered countryside, plane loads of adrenaline junkies (or just those who enjoy the après ski side of the holiday!) leave our shores at the beginning of the year in order to experience skiing and snowboarding. To those who experience the enjoyment and exhilaration that goes with these sports, you will not have a better holiday!


Outdoor Revolution aims to showcase the facilities that are available in Ireland for learning or developing your skiing or snowboarding skills! The show will also give you the opportunity to speak to experienced instructors as well as trying out the latest gear at discounted prices.


Surfing is a hugely popular sport in Ireland especially along the west coast. People from all over the world want grab their board and dive into a world of watery wonder along Ireland’s coasts. Our coastline is renowned for being one of the best surfing destinations in the whole world! As well as what goes on in the waves, our coast offers us the opportunity to hit our awesome blue flag beaches and indulge in some of our world-famous aprés surf hospitaltiy!


Outdoor Revolution aims to bring numerous surf schools/camps to the RDS so that people can see what’s available on our shoreline.

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