5 Reasons you should join a Sports Team

Some of us are often put off by playing a team sport such as GAA, Rugby, Soccer, or Lacrosse based on the fear of letting team mates down, commitment to training, and so on. For some of us, finding the right team could in itself be an obstacle. Many of us prefer our individual sports, where our performance and level is determined by the level of effort we commit to.

Teams may be competitive, but their ethos is about bringing people together to achieve what is impossible alone. With the huge variety of teams and sports available, try a few out until you find one that suits you.

Today, we’re hoping to highlight just 5 reasons why joining a sports team of any level can be a massive positive in your life.

Taking feedback

The great thing about team sport, is the feedback and review you get from a coach on your performance. These instant appraisals are geared towards improving you as an individual, and also ensuring your skills compliment the team. The informal setting of team sports means that we can be more open, without the fear that our careers/ relationships are in jeopardy. It is likely that the feedback you receive on the pitch, can be applied off it too


Being clear in your communication is important, particularly in the heat of a game. Whilst being aware of your own strengths, having the confidence to publicly recognise the skills of others is invaluable. Openly discussing how the team’s combined assets can best be deployed for the advantage of all, builds group confidence and can help self-esteem

Goal Setting

Team sports create a forum for working towards a common goal (to beat your opponent). In ‘real life,’ an objective is often interpreted differently depending on a person’s own skills. This can mean that while team members work hard individually, they pull in different directions. Agreeing on a unified mission and making decisions as a team will increase the chances of achieving ambitions


Caring about the happiness of the team, and your perceived contribution to it, will make sure you keep your eye on the ball. With a deadline signalled by the final whistle, staying focused and encouraging others to do the same will build a strong team.

Stress Relief

Giving your attention to the game, exercising and being part of a greater team cause can help relieve stress. There will also be times of conflict and resolving these can help you do the same outside of sports

What to look for in a team sport

  • Convenience is important: make it as easy as possible to get to training and matches.
  • People you want to spend time with. But don’t be shy about stepping out on your own, team sports are a great way to meet people.
  • Having fun is key, so make sure it’s your kind of fun. Being on the wrong team can sap energy, rather than leave you feeling empowered.

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